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 Jogging In Flotters!!!

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PostSubject: Jogging In Flotters!!!   Sun Sep 02, 2007 10:01 pm

After every retail therapy,
I resolve to improve,
To reduce my waistline a bit
And experience the feel good.

So I decided to change
My daily routine.
Got up early in the morning,
Was ready for jogging.

The only problem was,
I didnít have my shoes in hostel.
So what, I thought,
My flotter would do as well.

So I went, with my friend,
Decided to warm up first,
And took a round with her
Of the entire campus,

Then it was time to jog,
And burn off the excess fat.
We started, and my flotters folded back,
Wham! On the road I fell flat.

I scratched and bruised my knees,
And my left palm as well,
My track pants were torn at the knee,
And the pain started to swell.

Bad day, I thought.
Had to limp back to hostel.
But was the center of attention,
As friends came to check my health.

So far so good,
But orders came from home,
Get your knee treated,
And tetanus injection on your arm.

Like a good girl, I obeyed.
And got the dressing on my knee.
For that matter couldnít cover them,
So had to fold back my Capri.

They had become half pants now,
All thanks to my injury,
Much shorter than the usual ones.
That go below the knee.

Wow, I thought, they look cool now!
Different from the rest,
Forget the injury, or the pain,
This was fashion statement at its best.

I loved all the attention I got,
Guess the damage was not that bad,
On the hindsight, was quite beneficial,
Experienced more fun than I ever had!
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Jogging In Flotters!!!
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