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 missing my soul

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PostSubject: missing my soul   Sun Sep 02, 2007 3:23 am

missing u

long will be my nites..

difficult will be my days...

missing u is so not rite,

so... my heart says.....

my mind says "let go"

my heart feels so sore!

u left in such a hurry...

i needed at least a day more..

i cudnt say wott i had planned..

i cudnt say, "i love thee"!

my tears cudnt stay jammed..

so i had to let them free!

i wud have cried for hours n hours...

not seing the main reason..

the future's gonna be ours!

happines will be r only season!

but my heart still cries out..

ur name's always my shout!

i hide my tears, while taking ur name,

but the pain in my heart remains the same..

although i manage to look carefree..

there's no one who misses u more than me!!!!!
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smriti d


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PostSubject: Re: missing my soul   Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:52 pm

memoirs of a tragic stricken girlfriend in an accidental-long-distance relationship!!!!!!!!!!Sad
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missing my soul
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