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 The Turmoil Inside of ME....

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PostSubject: The Turmoil Inside of ME....   Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:54 pm

The TURMOIL Inside Of ME...

Hated n detested by these Fucks,
I put my life on a hot Toast-Roast;
Being the guy what I'm by Luck
I swear am gonna put em thru,I Boast

Transformed this way not cuz of Will
But cuz of you all there in my Life
Scratching those memories of that innocent boy,I Drill
Now living the life of a psychopath,I Thrive

Emotions,rships,feelings,commitment some abstracts,I Fear
Not cuz I dont enjoy these humanly Feelings
But seeing the lives of my closest ones,the pain I Bear
And I endure this psycho inside me to turn to devil from Being

Reflection of my past life still endowed in Me
Trying to suppress the real side of me,I Succeed
By insanely trapping my identity,never let it Free
But my inner self fights with this stone-hearted, it Pleads

To just escape once,to Uncover
The feelings of a guy no one Understood
Constant turmoil inside of me weaked me More
Verdict being myself tormented & haunted,I Brood

Searching the reason behind this Paranoma
I let my inner selves hunt more inside of Me
Hunting still it fuckin makes me prone to Humour
Alas! I find the reason for not being ME

The cause at first thought U aint the Truth
But my ill luck to be an egoistic Astute!
The dreaded abstract expression which I lack,maybe my Fruit
Haunts me every nick of my life & makes me Delude

To slaughter my innocent soul,somehow,Surviving
As I do so,I Perceive
I need some drugs to live without Dying!!
Dying inside still,I wonder why these drugs Deceived

The soul,my innocent inner self now so Crippled
Longs for someone to uncover the Weedy
Without any conscience,my life & am darn Dribbled
Still searching for the one who can help, MY SOUL so FEEBLE!!

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The Turmoil Inside of ME....
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