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 A day in the life in government college..

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PostSubject: A day in the life in government college..   Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:41 pm

Well i recently completed my education and been to college to get
results and certificates. Thought that after traumatising me for four
long years, this last visit could be easy. I was wishing that it ends
in a good way. But how could I? I forgot mine was a government college
and its no different from any other government office. When i told this
to my friend who was from another private college he was laughing out
with this experience. So I thought I could share with people who have
never seen this life!

Heres how I spent that day. All I wanted was a form and in that form four signatures.

11.30 am: I reach college and go straight to office and on the way meet
my friend who informs me that no ones in office. They are busy with
some stuff and we have to wait till 2pm.

12 pm: We go and see office people just chilling in the name of work. After some constant queiries the peon did give us form.

12.30 pm: We did get one signature easily and were waiting in queue for
the second one. That feamle was chit chatting with other collegues and
when interfered I was asked to get other persons signature. I said
"Mam, You can please sign first I will get that later as lunch time is
also nearing".So on that she said "No get that person's signature first
and then come.And yes please come after lunch break only at 2pm."

2 pm: Reach office again and waiting in the queue.

2.30 pm :Still in the queue.

4 pm: Finally every thing is over and we freinds are siting free done with all the work.

I was really feeling like "mussaddi lal"

P.S.:Dont want to disclose college name as whatever has happened it has surely given me four great years full of memories.
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PostSubject: Re: A day in the life in government college..   Sat Aug 25, 2007 12:45 pm

most of the govt. institutions share the same kind of situation nd thats what v shud b concerned of.....frm ur story its prty clear that u were tremendously harrased.....nd u got it right it seemed to be an episode frm "office office" Laughing
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A day in the life in government college..
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