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 Let my ship sink, not my soul

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PostSubject: Let my ship sink, not my soul   Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:39 pm

A journey,how long no one knows,
a tiny seed which god only sows,
an ocean having no ends,
we are the ships,he sends.
some ships sink on the way,
their sailors have nothing to say,
sometimes high,sometimes low
the waves of the ocean flow
bear we must the storm and thunder
if you sail calmly,its your bliss.
we being the sailor have no control,
meagre yet important is our role.
greed for money is of no use.
in water,everything will diffuse.
do we know where to take refuge
do we know from whom we seek refuge?
then why compare with another boat?
cant say how long it will float
close your eyes and have a peaceful sail,
god is kind,he wont bring hail
imstead will blow a fresh,cool breeze
which wont let you ever freeze.
just feel the joy of sailing
admire the deep blue water from the railing
let my ship sink,not my soul
and i'll feel, i have achieved my goal......
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Let my ship sink, not my soul
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