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 We cannot merely pray

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PostSubject: We cannot merely pray   Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:20 pm

we cannot merely pray to
you,O god, to banish war,
for youhave filled the world
with paths to peace,
if only we could take them.

we cannot merely pray to you
to end starvation,
for there is food enough for
if only we would share it.

we cannot merely pray for prejudice to leave,
for we might see the good in all that lies before our eyes
if only we would use them.

we cannot merely pray, "root our despair"
for the spark of love already waits within the human
for us to flre up into a flame.

we must not ask of you,OGod,
to take the task that you have given us,
we cannot shirk,we cannot flee away,avoiding obligation
for ever

therefore w pray, o God, for wisdom and will,
for courage to do and to become,
not only to look on with helpless yearning as though we
had nothing.

for your sake and ours,speedily and soon,let it be,
that our land may be safe,that our lives may be blessed.

may our words be pleasing in sight,
may our deeds be acceptable to you, O lord....
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We cannot merely pray
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