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 Help needed urgently

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PostSubject: Help needed urgently   Help needed urgently Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 6:22 pm

Ok to be very honest, this was the biggest reason why i joined this group. Basically i need some help very badly with a year long project on which i am working. Although i am an enginnering student, my project deals with a lot of medical science. So if there is someone who is into medicines (pursuing his/her mbbs), please help me out. There are loads of questions that are bugging me and i seek answers to them. It would be great if the person is frm mumbai but i don't mind if he/she is from any other place. I went throught the entire 'introduce yourself' thread on this community but there seems to be nobody who is pursuing medicines:(
Any help would be greatly solicited. Even if you are not a student pursuing medicines but have a friend who is doing so and is willing to help, please help me out. It would be ideal if you reply to me personally but if you arent willling to do that, then you can as well reply on this thread. I am not posting further details of this project on this group for obvious reasons. I need some help really badly and asap. Thanks a bunch in advance:) Smile
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Help needed urgently
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